Friday, September 30, 2005

Settling In

Everyone—thank you for your suggestions and support—I find it all helpful!

Well, today arranged for DSL service and newspaper delivery. Discovered the refrigerator not only dispenses cold water and ice cubes but crushed ice as well. Now okay, those aren’t necessities—any one of them. And I’ve never had a refrigerator before that did. Probably wouldn’t have bought one because of the cost. came with the house and I find myself enjoying that little luxury.

I’ve also unpacked little things that are positive triggers for me. By that, I mean little things that make me smile and remind me of happy times in my life. Or they remind me of times I felt really strong and competent. I’m making a point of wearing clothes that do the same for me as I deal with the quirks and minutiae of moving that can be frustrating otherwise.

When I coach people, I tell them to make lists of things they are good at. Because every change begins with believing we are capable of making changes. I could not have made this move if I had been telling myself I MUST do so. It worked because I could remind myself that I was sure I had the wisdom and strength and skills necessary—if I wanted to.

And I’m making those lists of things I want and need for the house—now or in the future. It’s a wish list that will get filled as I can. I’m asking myself what I WANT. Not—What is a house supposed to have? I’m asking myself what would make me HAPPY? What would make this a house I love to be in, that feels welcoming to ME, and encourages me to write? These are the questions that matter. One of the great things about getting older is that we realize what other people think we should want or have or do matters far less than who we are and what is right for us. Better to wait a bit to find just the right sofa or just the right dishes or just the right pots and pans than to settle because I feel like I have to find something FAST. I will admit, however, that getting a bed IS a high priority!

The best thing is that every morning I get up smiling because I love this house. I walk through it amazed that no one snatched it up before I did. I walk through it amazed that I found something so perfect for what I need. And I remind myself that soon I can begin holding classes and making a difference in the lives of those I teach.