Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Moving In

Well, I’m in my new home. Discovered something I hadn’t noticed during the walkthrough but with luck a handyman can fix it cheaply. Realized also that the blasted smoke detector was chirping loudly and so high up I had no way to reach it. Went to the store and got a step ladder plus other assorted things I needed plus groceries.

Now all of this was made much more interesting by the fact that I’ve never used an automatic garage door opener. Suffice it to say there was much driving around the block, running in the front door and hitting the button inside the garage to open and close the door before I figured out how it all worked! You’d have been laughing if you saw me—I, of course, was far closer to cussing the darned thing out.

The most interesting discovery was one I made as I was about to make tea to go with my dinner. I had no water. I’d called. Faxed in the application. Been assured I’d have water. I didn’t. It was much too late and I was much too tired to try to find a hotel so I stayed and cussed some more. Called again this morning (blessedly the phone was hooked up without problems!) and got a promise I’d get water today—which I did by 10 am.

Meanwhile, the post office has delivered my 9 boxes of books. (What can I say? I’m a writer—we live by books! And this doesn’t count the boxes of books still in storage in NJ...)

I’m waiting for UPS delivery and the gas company to come through and check things out prior to switching service to my name.

I swear there were moments I wondered if I was crazy getting a house. Especially since I still have to arrange garbage service and decide if I’m going to mow the lawn myself (and buy a mower) or have someone cut it for me. Not to mention buy furniture and a washer/dryer. Sleeping on an air mattress is not going to cut it for long!

And then I look around my house and know it’s mine. I look around and know it’s perfect for holding writing classes. Or classes for woman who want advice on how to manage financially or how to present themselves effectively. Here, in this house, I can make a difference in people’s lives. So whatever the momentary glitches might be, it doesn’t matter. Because with this house, I can make a difference.