Thursday, September 29, 2005

Saga Continues...

Got a few more necessities—including ordering a washer and dryer. The washer is now installed. The dryer was DOA so they will have to bring a different one tomorrow.

Those of you who were on my private email lists for the “Pink Refrigerator” journey will laugh to know that the first thing I bought here was a coffee maker. It symbolized as much here as it did then.

Slowly, I’m unpacking boxes that got delivered. Hanging up clothes, putting up small touches (a carved fan, a green marble vase, a waterfall photo, etc.). More and more this feels like MY home. I even soaked in the garden tub last night. (For those who don’t know—and I didn’t before house hunting here—a garden tub is shorter but much deeper than an ordinary tub and has Jacuzzi style jets in it. What a luxury! And what a contrast to the house where I lived for over 10 years that didn’t have a bathtub at all—only a shower stall.

I’m whittling away at the pile of things that must be done—trying to sort out priorities. Next, I think, will be the bed. It will cost more than I want to pay, but...a bed makes such a big difference in how we sleep and feel.

And sofas. I need those. Bookcases, coffee tables, etc. those will come later. Oh, and a kitchen set. I’ll need to get dishes and pots and pans, too. Thing is, I left most stuff in the house when the divorce came through. And it wouldn’t have made sense to ship them—it would cost more than buying new. But it does mean a heft cost now. So...I’m looking at priorities. What do I need/want to do first?

The other thing about taking a little time is that I’ll be sure it’s what I want, not just what I have to get because I need something quickly. So it’s all priorities. Making sure I can pay bills in full when they come in. Looking at a budget that makes sense for now. (Hey, this kind of fiscal caution is why I could get this house!)

Which reminds me—got to go call and arrange trash services and get my DSL connection set up so that it doesn’t take forever to download or upload things on my computer?

Eventually, of course, I also need to figure out little things like TV—cable or satellite? Lawn service or buy a mower (leaning toward lawn service, but depends on the cost). Register my car and switch over driver’s license. Little things like that. But those aren’t quite as urgent.

Oh, I must mention that today it’s cooler! By a good 20 to 25 degrees. It’s lovely to be able to have windows open and a nice breeze running through the house.’s all working out. I will no doubt continue to have moments of panic but....I also know, deep down, that it will be all right. Everything WILL work out. I DO know what I’m doing. And as those of you know who read my email about my cross country journey, that’s quite a change from how I felt not all that long ago....