Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Planning Ahead

Planning ahead is a good idea. I’ve changed over my car registration and driver’s license just in time to meet the 30 day deadline I’ll be flying before I get my photo ID, something I didn’t even think about when planning when to do things. Fortunately, I do have a passport which should be okay as my photo ID but had I planned ahead, I could have made sure I had my new photo driver’s license in time for my trip.

I mention this so that if any of you are getting ready to move and have a trip planned, you will be able to plan better than I did! It also points up the value of having a passport, even if you don’t expect to travel abroad any time soon. (Of course, many of you will have other photo ID’s anyway so it’s a moot point but for those who don’t, it’s something to keep in mind.)


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Sharona N said...

I've learned that, in the official ID world spawned by Homeland (in)Security, a passport trumps everything else. Even if I never travel abroad again, I will renew and renew it till my dying day. :-)

Glad to hear you had one. Otherwise, yes, you might have had a problem.