Monday, October 10, 2005


All right, this really about garbage cans and airplanes and writers conferences and DSL.

First, my garbage can was neatly set against the garage door when I returned from my trip to Seattle, so obviously someone realized their mistake and returned it. What a nice discovery!

My DSL is installed and working.

Writer’s conferences. I’ve never been to Seattle, but I went this weekend for a writer’s conference--the Emerald City Writers Conference. I was giving my BOOK IN A WEEK workshop and IMAGERY FOR WRITING AND LIFE. Both went well. Just as important, I had fun, a great deal of fun. The hotel was nice, the staff extraordinarily helpful, the food wonderful, and the people...the people were an absolute delight! Even the bookfair stood out—chocolate and dipping pens and bottles of ink plus the most enticing research books imaginable! I suspect I’ll be going back.

It was, as you might have guessed by now, a terrific weekend—in spite of an overnight flight home, not nearly enough sleep, and occasional bouts of nerves. I suspect I’m like most writers—I’m happy to work on my own, even happier to be around other writers, and in need of absolute solitude often !

These things might sound like contradictions, but other writers will know what I mean. We’re never alone—we have all these stories to tell and all these characters demanding that we do so at once! And yet we are inveterate people watchers and need that opportunity, too. When it’s people who understand about those stories we have to tell (i.e. fellow writers), why it’s even better!

I came back tired but renewed. I came back with an even greater sense of how the power over our lives lies in our own hands.

And hey, now I have DSL access—despite some initial glitches. Somehow that time away, reminding myself that above all else I am a WRITER gave me the resilience to barely notice that not everything went smoothly.

When we do what we love—and I LOVE public speaking and sharing with others ways to make our lives easier and happier—we renew ourselves and deepen our resilience to any challenge life might throw our way.

Here’s wishing you a chance to do something you love—TODAY!