Sunday, October 23, 2005

Asking and Listening

It pays to ask questions. I was in a furniture store and finally thought to ask—when do the colors change? Turns out it’s November so...I think I’ll wait to try to find a couch until the colors change. I’m hoping china patterns (inexpensive sets) will change too.

I also thought of something else. The rug is beige. The walls are creamy. One wall and window treatments are Wedgwood green. Anything not green or brown or beige will look odd to the eye. I thought of a floral pattern but a pale background with green in it will look too pale and I can’t see living with a floral pattern that’s really dark. Nor do I want plaids or some of the other bizarre stuff in the stores now.

Then it occurred to me—if I find an area rug I love with rich jewel tone colors, say a 4 X 6 or 5 X 8 that has a deep, rich green in it then I can get furniture that matches another color in the rug. (I’m thinking pseudo Aubusson here.) Then it will look right to the eye and I will still have the airy look but more choice on colors for the furniture. Need to see if I can find the right area rug but if I do this could be great.

Anyway, it pays to ask—now I know when the colors change in the furniture stores and it’s not very long to wait.

Meanwhile, I did get another bookcase for a nightstand on the other side of my bed and I finally found a vacuum. There’s something comforting about vacuuming a rug that really needs it. I suppose it’s another way to affirm control over some of the things in our lives.

And in the theme of listening...I bought a chime for my home. It’s one chime on a bamboo base with a small mallet and the sound it makes vibrates in the air for a very long moment. Why am I splurging on such an item when it’s not essential? Because it is essential. I was reminded today that the sounds we welcome into our lives make a difference. Choosing this was a way of affirming that I want lovely, soothing sounds in my home and in my life. And this sound seems to reverberate down into my soul to remind me that all is well, that within me is a connection to a universal something greater than myself.

Often we feel so overwhelmed with the demands of our daily lives that it’s easy to forget that we also need time for beauty in our lives. Sounds and sights that make us smile and touch something deep inside nurture our spirit. And that’s as important as any other part of our lives. If we are writers, it is out of that spirit we create our stories. In our daily lives, it is that spirit which sustains us when we are faced with chaos or other challenges.

So ask questions and bring lovely sounds into your life and see what possibilities open up when you do.