Thursday, October 27, 2005


A friend lost someone close to her last night. Not only did her dear one die but now she will lose the place that was her home while she took care of this dear one. It is a reminder to me of how little so many things I fuss about truly matter.

What matters are the people in my life and the things I am meant to do. My friend and her dear one had lovely times together—laughter and joy and shared dreams. While the loss hurts, she can let go without thinking of all the “what ifs?” and “I wish”es. And in her heart she knows she will one day see this dear one again.

We can’t get back the days that are gone. We can only move forward making sure we LIVE our lives. We can choose not to spend our time on anger and old hurts and grudges and fears. We can choose instead to spend our time doing what we love and being with people we care about. We can choose to live our lives with a sense of purpose and joy knowing that each of us has something unique to share and we cheat both ourselves and the world when we do not find a way to do so.

So...what is your unique gift to share? Who are the people in your life to cherish? How will you do both? How will you let go of anger and old hurts and grab onto love and joy instead?

Anthony Robbins likes to say that what we focus on becomes our reality. If we hold onto anger and hurt, that becomes our reality and we can feel as if that’s all there is and all there ever will be. When we take that leap of faith and let go of the anger and hurt then we open up a space for love and joy. We open up a space for finding a way to share the unique gift of who we are with people who will care, who will appreciate us, who will help us to become the best we can be.

I want to be like my friend, knowing when inevitably I do lose someone dear to me that I laughed and loved and dreamed with that dear one. I want to know that my memories will be filled with smiles and not regrets. The next few weeks and months will be difficult ones for her but I cannot help believing that it is the memories of the joy she shared with her dear one that will get her through this.

I want to open up the spaces in my heart even wider—cherishing the many wonderful friends I have in this world.

I want to open my heart and mind even wider to the wonderful possibilities that exist if only I can let myself see them.

The past two years have been a lesson in beautiful surprises that can happen when I open my heart and I can’t wait to see what the rest of my life will bring.

What wonderful surprises will fill your life when you open YOUR heart?