Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Table

I found a kitchen table and chairs. It isn’t a fancy one but a much loved set. Handed down to each child as he or she went off to college and needed furniture. And when I look at it now sitting in my home I will think of the stories and the love that come with it.

I’d been thinking I wanted an octagonal table. With cream colored padded chairs. And a leaf to expand it when my daughter comes to visit with her friends. I thought maybe I was nuts. An octagonal table that expands? Where did that come from? But then I saw it listed on Craigslist. Cheap. I called and asked if they could deliver it—offered extra if they would. And they said yes.

It came today. And she said it had passed through every child in the family as they went off to college. I look at it and see stories. I look at it and see love and somehow it seems right for it to be here now. If I ever want a fancy table and chairs, well, there’s room for that in the dining room on the other side of the kitchen. This is the set I will use every day. And every day I will sit in the padded chairs, look out at my garden and smile.

Sometimes new isn’t best but rather those things that come to us infused with a history of love.



Tori said...

New has its place, but old is good too. I looked and looked for a chest of drawers, for instance, but couldn't find what I wanted or liked. Then my mom found this ratty looking chest in a used furniture store. Solid wood. It was painted a really ugly brown. Very much the ugly duckling. But with a good sanding and paint job (white, pink, and lavender) it's now very pretty. And still solid wood. And it cost a ton less than something new. :)

Katie said...

My grandma gave me her octagon table with a leaf that expands. And her green padded chairs. I sit there in the mornings and read my paper and look out the window, the kids do homework on it at night, we play board and card games there and eat just-us (as opposed to company) suppers there.
Something about an old table and the memories...

Sharyn said...

That's so heartwarming, April! I love hearing how your new home is coming together. :)